Local Group Seeking Volunteers to Help with Panama Project

An email seeking volunteers was sent out by The Good Neighbor’s Group, which is based in Severna Park.

A local group is seeking volunteers to help organize supplies that will be shipped to towns in remote Panama.

The endeavor is being orchestrated by The Latin American Relief Network, which is based out of Pasadena. The group has been gathering donations for some time, and plans to ship them out to Panama next week.

The Good Neighbors Group, a Severna Park organization the helps those in need, sent out an email on Thursday seeking volunteers to help. The group’s founder, Julie Shay, spent some time in Panama and said the area has remained “close to her heart.”

The Latin American Relief Network needs help gathering inventory of the supplies they will be shipping. They are planning on hosting two sorting days from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday and on June 22.

A location for the inventory day has yet to be determined. However, anyone interested in volunteering can email Julie Shay at julieshay21@gmail.com for more information.   


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