Soccer: Severna Park Equals Broadneck with 1-1

Broadneck senior Brandon Hanger's second-half volley draws the Broadneck boys soccer team level at 1-1 with Severna Park. The Lady Falcons tie Lady Bruins, 0-0.

Brandon Hanger knew it. As soon as his foot struck the ball, it was headed for the back of the net.

Four minutes after having just conceded a goal to rival Severna Park, David Keen's corner kick was redirected by Austin Maxwell to Hanger for the equalizer.

"Yeah, I knew it," Hanger said about his shot.

tied the visiting Falcons, 1-1, on Monday to retain their top spot within the county soccer standings.

"I thought it was good game," Broadneck coach Sean Tettemer said. "Both teams played so hard."

The Bruins struggled in the first half, while Alex Moore and Severna Park pressed on for an early score. Moore flicked a ball up to himself and rifled a shot on goal, drawing a diving save from .

Pressure from the Falcons continued into the second half when Charlie Smith's throw-in bounced in front of goal and connected with Moore. His header was swatted away by Niedermeier, but the rebound was headed in by Daniel Kwon for the opening score.

"I just do what I have to to keep the ball out of the net for my team. I trust the guys in front of me, they had a heck of a game and without them we would have lost," Niedermeier said.

Four minutes later, the Bruins responded with an equalizer.

"I thought they probably controlled play throughout the whole first half," Tettemer said. "I thought in the second half, until they scored, they totally dominated. We did respond and I thought we kind of evened things out after that."

Maxwell sent Keen's corner back in front of goal and Hanger struck a well-placed ball into the net, bringing the score to 1-1.

"This is a tough group. They work hard. When they get down, they don't put their heads down and pout about it," Tettemer said. "I told them at the beginning of the first overtime, I said, 'that was the best thing that could have happened,' because it woke us up a little bit."

The two teams went to overtime tied, 1-1.

During the first overtime period, junior Jake Maynard ripped a pair of shots that could have easily ended the game. His first attempted was blocked by a Falcon defender, while the second went wide of goal.

Senior Loic Barret thought he might end things in the second overtime. Severna Park goalie Jon Neseth was caught out of position, giving Barret an open-goal look, but his shot was blocked by Smith.

The rivals finished even at 1-1.

"They have an outstanding goalkeeper, who made some phenomenal saves and I think against a different team the score would have been a little different. " Severna Park coach Roy Dunshee said. "With a different goalkeeper the score would have been different, but credit to Broadneck for always bringing a great, hard-working team."

With two regular-season games remaining, Broadneck holds a two-point lead over the Falcons for first place in the county. The Bruins will play at Southern High on Tuesday.

Broadneck (8-0-1) 0 1 0 0 - 1

Severna Park (7-0-2) 0 1 0 0 - 1

Lady Bruins Nuetralize Severna Park, 0-0

After 100-plus minutes of soccer that spanned over four days, neither the Severna Park High or Broadneck Park High girls soccer teams could muster a goal against each other.

"They're probably just a tad more skilled and we're just a little bit more aggressive, but it's very even right now," Broadneck coach John Camm said about the two teams.

The local rivals started playing Thursday afternoon, before weather conditions forced the game to stop with just under 15 minutes of play left in the second half. 

Severna Park appeared the more dominant team during the first half, but came away with nothing to show for it, before the Lady Bruins clamped down on defense.

Broadneck's defense allowed just one shot by the opponents after the first half.

Play resumed Monday, with 14:58 left on the clock.

With 4:54 remaining, Emily Lord's pass set up Erin Rose for a close-range shot, but the effort was wide of the goal.

"I got a foot on it, but unfortunately it didn't get far post like I wanted," Rose said.

After a first overtime period that lacked any real goal-scoring opportunities, Nikole Blackwell sent a pair of dangerous free kicks in toward the Severna Park goal during the second overtime.

"To be honest, I just don't think they were falling for us," Blackwell said about her teams inability to score.

The game ended in a 0-0 tie.


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