Severna Park High Lacrosse Coach Steps Down

After seven seasons, head lacrosse coach Larry Kramer announced his resignation on Friday in an email to parents.

Severna Park High School boys lacrosse head coach Larry Kramer announced his resignation on Friday in an email to parents of lacrosse players after a season tinged with some controversy.

Kramer has been with Severna Park for seven seasons during which the team won two state titles. In 2010, he led the team to a perfect 20-0 season and a victory over Wootton High in the 4A/3A state final.

In his email, Kramer said it was something he'd been considering for a while.

“I regret that my heart is telling me it is time to move on,” Kramer wrote. “I have resigned as head coach of the Severna Park boys’ lacrosse team today May 10, 2013. This has been a decision that I have been thinking about for some time now and I feel at this point in my coaching career it is time.”

The Falcons wrapped up their 2013 season on Wednesday with a 10-5 loss to Broadneck in the first round of the tournament.

The Severna Park lacrosse team endured some controversy this season when three varsity lacrosse players were dismissed from the team after they attended a house party where alcohol was served. The players appealed but principal Patrick Bathras denied the appeal saying he supported Kramer's decision to remove them from the team.

Parents of dismissed players Cole Duncan and Logan Swartz said all three players will be filing a second appeal to the regional assistant superintendent Catherine Herbert. Duncan's father said they want the players' names cleared and someone to look into the process of how they were dismissed from the team.

Chris B. May 14, 2013 at 08:14 PM
Agreed but these kids were not drinking - they even asked the police to document this but did not happen.
Nick Danger May 16, 2013 at 02:10 AM
Sure we were all wild as kids.....didnt make it right or smart then either.....we got lucky. If a team / school has a policy, should they enforce it or simply let parents / kids slide because they whine / complain?....parents...tell your kids to be smart and avoid the "house party" scene....there is no good to come of it....If they weren't hanging out there then this wouldn't be an issue for them....
Tom Dooley May 16, 2013 at 01:05 PM
Sounds to me like they did take responsibility for what they did when they reported the situation to their coach. The parents aren't making excuses; they just want equitable treatment for their kids considering the punishment is so out of line with any punishment administered by SPHS in the past. Clairification as to why out of 22 teens issued citations, only 3 lacrosse players were punished might be nice too. Nineteen others (many of which are members of fall/winter sports teams, DECA, etc...) also received citations and went completely unpunished. So apparently SPHS doesn't care what student/athletes do either when their sport is out of season or if an athletic code of conduct isn't involved? That makes absolutely no sense.
Mom3SP May 16, 2013 at 05:37 PM
It's hard, but parents should be smart, too. At least as long as your kid is under age, you ought to know if your kid is considering going to an unsupervised house. And why don't you walk into the house at least the first time and chat with the parents a bit? Sure, you'll embarrass the kid, but-- so? And if the kids are hanging out in your basement, go downstairs occasionally! Take a walk around your property while they're there! Lock up the liquor! Read their tweets and see if they or the friends are talking about getting crunk! When your kids were little, you put child safety locks and fences, didn't you? It's the same when you are being vigilant and outspoken guiding your kids to make good choices even it's uncool. Back then, and now, kids need a few roadblocks and checkpoints for their own safety and good future.
Tom Dooley May 20, 2013 at 03:58 AM
Nobody has said stopping by this house was a good idea. They made a bad choice and expected to be punished. The issue is the punishment is completely out of line with anything ever handed down in the past. The issue is a lacrosse player at Arundel High School received the exact same citation and only received a 3 game suspension. The issue is 22 students in total received citations, yet only 3 lacrosse players were punished. Nineteen other students went completely unpunished. Explain to me where the fairness is in that? This fish stinks and the rot starts at the top.


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