Severna Park Elementary Celebrates 160 Years

The school had an assembly on Monday to commemorate the 160th year on the property and 75th year in the building.

Severna Park Elementary students, teachers and administrators, past and present, gathered at the school on Monday to celebrate its birthday.

The school is marking the 75th year in its current building, and the 160th year it has been on the property. Local politicians, Anne Arundel County school district superintendent Kevin Maxwell and Linda Zahn, of the Severna Park Chamber of Commerce, were also on-hand for the celebration.

The assembly was led by students Madeline McGee and James Foxen and featured a brief history of the school, musical selections and essay readings by current students and, of course, cake.

Severna Park Elementary Principal R. Lynn Birus addressed the students and spoke of the legacy they are a part of.

“All of these people here are representing something we are now giving to you—a legacy,” Birus said. “The legacy they are now passing on to you is a dedication to education. Severna Park Elementary is always growing and changing but it will never lose the dedication.”

Most of the students at the assembly sported shirts that said “A Dedication to Education.” The students also sang a few songs for the audience of parents, former students and community members.

Severna Park Elementary alumna and now parent Margie Mardiros gave a brief presentation on the history of the school, which featured famous dates in history that coincided with events at the school. She also showed old photos of the school.

“It has been 160 years, and we proudly celebrate our humble beginning with all the students, staff and community members here over the decades who have made the school one of the best in Maryland,” Mardiros said.  “So take a little part of Severna Park Elementary with you today and keep it in your heart.”

Maxwell also addressed the assembly congratulating the school on its accomplishments over the years and wishing it many more years of excellence in education.

Sophia Eitel, a fifth-grader and one of the essay contest winners, also addressed the crowd. She said her favorite Severna Park Elementary memory occurred when she was in third-grade watching her sister graduate from the school. Eitel said she remembered being so proud of her sister and couldn’t wait until it was her turn to graduate, which will come at the end of this year.

Eitel was one of many who celebrated generations of Severna Park Elementary graduates.

During her remarks, Birus asked those who have had generations of people come through the school to stand, and reminded current students that they will always be a part of Severna Park Elementary School.

“Boys and girls sitting here today, you are part of the legacy,” she said. “And no matter where you go, we hope that you always remember your dedication to education.”

Check back for a complete photo gallery of the event.

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