Green Hornets Baseball Commissioner Bill Voelp

800 boys playing baseball and plenty of room for more on the fields.

Bill Voelp stepped up to the plate as commissioner for boys baseball only four short months ago.  It was a natural step for a dad who loves baseball, loves the Green Hornets program and wants to see it grow.

“The program has been run really well,” Voelp said. “But there is always room for improvement."

Currently there are almost 800 boys playing Green Hornets baseball through the club, travel and select programs, but Voelp would like to see that number increased. 

“The numbers begin to drop off as the boys begin to get older.” Voelp said. “It is our goal to make baseball and the entire experience so much fun that the boys don’t want to leave.”

The falling numbers in players is not a product of the Green Hornets.  Even the most popular programs throughout the country are facing the same dilemma.  Part of Voelp’s job as commissioner is to keep his ear to the ground as possible solutions are thrown around. 

In the meantime, he has another goal that he thinks is equally important to the future of the club. He wants to make the process easier for the coaches and has  started a program of standardizing the techniques used for coaching that will allow each coach to continue through the program building on the techniques from the year before.

Voelp believes that continuing in the legacy of prior commissioners the Green Hornets Baseball Program can grow to include 1,000 players. He isn’t intimidated by the work that lies ahead because he has found himself surrounded by parents and coaches who are willing to take their turn at bat as well.

“We are developing a great team to support the program.” Voelp said. “I have been able to find people who are a lot smarter than I am to work in different capacities for the program.  So I am not a lone wolf out there and when I move on, one of those guys will move into the position seamlessly.”

Holding the love of the game for 800 players is a big responsibility and Voelp understands that.  He has stepped into the position ready to make a difference.  Instead of being happy to hold the status quo he feels the responsibility to leave his own legacy in the program. 

One of the most tangible changes can be seen in the synthetic infield at Kinder Farm Park.  In the next couple of years Voelp hopes to see all of the fields with this same material. 

Most people find it difficult to imagine stepping into a coaching capacity.  The work it will take seems overwhelming but whether it was the dream of a brighter future for the Green Hornets or a natural capacity to manager, Voelp has stepped into the commissioner position ready to go.

*Editor's Note: See story on at Kinder Farm Park on Patch.

Carrie Hilliard April 20, 2011 at 09:20 PM
Coach Bill Voelp was my sons coach and he did a great job! Great to hear the GH Baseball program is in good hands.


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