Severna Park Teacher Named Educator of the Month

Barbara Segnatelli of Severna Park High School was recently named the Educator of the Month for February by Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) recognizes educators, employees and volunteers each month from September to June during the school year. Awards are presented at Board of Education meetings and Patch is pleased to announce the honorees.

The February "Educator of the Month" is Barbara Segnatelli of Severna Park High School. According to the AACPS website, The Educator of the Month is chosen by a committee made up of members of the Anne Arundel County Retired School Personnel Association (AARSPA).

Here is the text of the speech presented at the Feb. 6 meeting in honor of Segnatelli:

Today the Board of Education recognizes an educator in our school system who has been described as a “Social Studies Teacher Extraordinaire” who has it all! Superb content-knowledge, commanding skills, and strong leadership capability. Dr. Barbara Segnatelli of Severna Park High School has an unbounded enthusiasm for teaching that her colleagues find most inspiring. She is always on the hunt for the latest lesson, web site, or article to entice her students to learn. Her excitement about teaching is infectious and a number of her colleagues want their voices heard about the merits of her instruction and what qualifies her as a “Teacher Extraordinaire.” So let their voices be heard!

“The best in our profession are experts in their field with a passion for both subject and student. Barb Segnatelli is one of the best.  She does a magnificent job of getting our students interested in government and the political process.”

“Her lessons maximize the opportunities for student input offering unique views and perspectives to consider. She engages her students in activities without putting them on the spot. She believes everyone should contribute……….she has a very humanistic, caring perspective on all matters…………she encourages students to express their own views and to refute those of others. Barb isn’t afraid to let students take the wheel. She is an expert at getting the students to produce the kinds of results that we can’t measure with testing.”

“Students perennially count her among their favorite teachers….Barb has developed a rapport with the students which makes them feel invested in the process of learning….they take ownership of their own learning and come to command the content.  Her enthusiasm rubs off on the students and they too become excited to learn.”

“Dr. Segnatelli is known around school as an innovator. She loves trying new things and knows what works. She is a remarkable teacher who works incredibly hard, crafting creative lessons that actively involve all students in a variety of learning styles.  She’s always willing to go above and beyond for her students and other teachers in the building.”

Outside of the classroom, Barb sponsors the Student Government Association and CRASC.  “She runs the SGA like a well-oiled machine……using her wonderful organizational skills to help the class advisors during class elections, help organize spirit weeks and raise funds for the school and community.”

Barbara Segnatelli – You are a teacher for all the right reasons. You are a true leader who is passionate, loving and bright. Your mission to help students achieve their individual goals is what teaching is all about.  The comments submitted by your colleagues were overwhelming and too abundant to quote them all. So for the reasons stated and many, many more, the Board of Education is honored to recognize you Educator of the Month for February 2013.  Congratulations!

Click here to nominate a deserving AACPS educator, employee or volunteer.

Krystine Milewski February 16, 2013 at 03:40 PM
Congratulations Dr. Segnatelli. According to my source - you are the best!!!


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