PHOTO: Severna Park Volunteer Honored

Kathie Hamlett was recently named the Volunteer of the Month for November by Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) recognizes educators, employees and volunteers each month from September to June during the school year. Awards are presented at Board of Education meetings and Patch is pleased to announce the honorees.

The November "Volunteer of the Month" is Kathie Hamlett, who has helped at Folger McKinsey Elementary, Severna Park Middle and Severna Park High—plus she's hosted a show for AACPS-TV. According to the AACPS website, the Volunteer of the Month is chosen by a committee made up of staff from the Office of School & Family Partnerships and parents.

Here is the text of the speech presented at the Nov. 14 meeting in honor of Hamlett:

Today, the Board of Education recognizes a truly extraordinary volunteer whose ongoing contributions have made an impact beyond her children’s schools to touch all Anne Arundel County families.  From serving on PTA executive boards at Folger McKinsey Elementary to Severna Park Middle and High Schools, to over six years as the host on AACPS-TV Parent’s Corner!, and now the Citizens’ Advisory Council, Kathie Hamlett remains a dedicated volunteer.

In the interest of time, it’s impossible to list all of Kathie’s contributions this morning.  Over the years as she served on three schools’ PTA, PTO, and PTSO boards in various capacities, served and chaired many committees, and volunteered innumerable hours behind the scenes to develop processes, forms, and on-line materials.  She has even developed and managed school websites.  Kathy continues to volunteer for field trips, in classrooms, in school offices, as school greeter, and much more.

Retired Principal, Sharon Morell writes, “I can tell you that Kathie is one of the most committed parents with whom I have worked.  She has the unique ability to see the positive in every child, adult, and situation.  Her positive attitude generates a high level of participation from other volunteers, and she individualizes her approach to each in order to get their maximum involvement.  Kathie challenges parents to think critically, … and is able to motivate other parents and raise standards for all.”

Kathie is steadfast in her commitment to serve the larger AACPS community. In 2006, she volunteered to temporarily host AACPS’s Cable TV show, Parent’s Corner!. Despite having no television script writing or on-air experience, it became evident with each show that Kathie would be the permanent host! 

Kathie’s diligence in gathering up-to-date information for the benefit of our AACPS students and their families not only keeps them informed, but conveys the AACPS philosophy of the importance of engaging our families and helping to create communities of wellness. “Kathie’s TV persona is so warm and friendly it helps communicate the information that parents need to know,” says Don Cramer, Executive Producer of AACPS-TV.  Since Kathie was nominated for this award, she has resigned as Parent’s Corner host to bring her talents to the 2012 – 2013 Community Advisory Council, while continuing her to volunteer in her children’s schools. 

“One of Kathie’s greatest strengths is informing others …toward the common goal:  the best education for all Anne Arundel County children,” writes Chris Myers, PTO Vice-President, Severna Park Middle School.”

Kathie Hamlett, please come forward.  I would like to present you with a certificate and a bell to acknowledge your school-based work, and Mr. Cramer of Design and Print Services has a special acknowledgement on behalf of AACPS Cable TV.   Congratulations on being chosen volunteer of the month for November.

Click here to nominate a deserving AACPS educator, employee or volunteer.

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