Five Questions with SP Volleyball's Abbie Hoekstra

Abbie Hoekstra is a senior on the Severna Park High School volleyball team.

Patch stopped by the Severna Park varsity volleyball practice and spoke with senior Abbie Hoekstra about her volleyball career, life at SPHS and her plans for the future.

Severna Park Patch
: What is your favorite Severna Park volleyball memory?
Abbie Hoekstra:
My sophomore year we were playing Bryn Mawr and they weren’t that good but we lost to them in five games. We did not play well at all. The next morning our coach made us be on the field at 5 a.m. to run sprints. At first we hated it and didn’t want to be there. But by the end it was really inspiring because we were running into the sunrise and we were chanting. And we knew we were going to get through the rest of the season together.

Severna Park Patch: What are your expectations for this season?
I want to say an undefeated season.

Severna Park Patch: What other groups or activities do you participate in at Severna Park High School?
I am in National Honor Society and I am a class officer. I was the recording secretary for three years.

Severna Park Patch: What was your favorite class at Severna Park?
Ms. Kelly and my Team Sports 2 class—I was the only girl and I thought I was going to hate it but I made a bunch of friends and Ms. Kelly is an awesome teacher.

Severna Park Patch: What are you plans after high school?
I want to play volleyball in college and the College of Charleston is my top choice right now.

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