Appeal Denied for Dismissed Lacrosse Players

Principal Patrick Bathras backed the coach’s decision to dismiss three varsity lacrosse players from the team following a Severna Park house party.

The appeal filed by three Severna Park High varsity lacrosse players who were kicked off the team after attending a house party was denied by school principal Patrick Bathras on Friday.

Bathras responded in support of varsity lacrosse coach Larry Kramer’s decision to dismiss the three teens from the lacrosse team, according to Anne Arundel County Public Schools spokeswoman Maneka Monk.

Lacrosse players Logan Swartz, Sam Mayer and Cole Duncan—along with 19 other teens—received underage drinking citations from police at a house party on March 23. Two weeks after the party, the three lacrosse players were dismissed from the varsity team for detrimental behavior.

Student-athletes in Anne Arundel County agree to a code of conduct when they join teams and any violations of that conduct are subject to penalty.

The underage drinking charges were later dropped against the three players by the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services, according to their parents.

Monk said the appeal filed with the school was a level one complaint and the teens can now appeal to the regional superintendent. Cole Duncan’s father, Jim Duncan, said he plans to file a second appeal.

The regular lacrosse season for Severna Park ended Friday.

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Observerbot May 07, 2013 at 01:30 PM
Quite appropriate. It's unfortunate Jim Duncan will be prolonging his son's embarrassment by appealing this to the next level.
Jan Smith May 07, 2013 at 09:35 PM
http://www.aacps.org/athletics/athleteguide.pdf Lots of authority for a head coach, no? Frankly, if I felt that my son had not done anything wrong,if the principal had refused to speak with me,if the charges had all been dismissed, if my kid was being made an example of, I'd be appealing this decision too. It's shameful. Just because it's Severna Park and SP parents, does not mean this is an entitled kid or family. Any one of us parents would defend our children if we felt they were being wronged.
Mom3SP May 08, 2013 at 02:16 PM
Don't just appeal. Expose the other kids or reveal how they can be discovered. Expose the system and make it better for the future kids by providing proof of the uneven discipline and favoritism. Tell the kids they turned themselves in as the moral thing to do, not to try to get some benefit that if denied, they should then find value in immorality as evidenced by the other kids not caught. Morality is not a means to gain and is often lonely to maintain but it's still right. Take the high road and put light on the low road so it can be fixed.
Anita Greencard May 09, 2013 at 04:48 AM
Jan. You miss the point. Why would you defend your child when you know they were wrong? It's difficult to say what's on your mind here because there is quite a bit of censorship on the Patch. Ah, if I could say what I really feel ...
Edie McGee May 13, 2013 at 01:34 AM
I can't blame the principal for not wanting to talk to the parents before making a decision. If you're adjudicating a situation like this, you need to have all parties present before holding any substantive conversations. Otherwise, you risk your own credibility and reputation for fairness and impartiality. The problem with disciplining kids who managed to evade arrest is the quality of the evidence: an arrest record versus rumor and innuendo. It would be too easy to set an enemy or rival up as having been there, and frankly, I'd have questions about what was motivating those who blew the whistle. This is a situation where doing the right thing may have had a higher price than dishonesty. If anyone does have any evidence that the school handled the matter inappropriately, by all means come forward. Having seen a bunch of accusations swirling around in Patch comments, I wonder if there's something to them.


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