POLL: Once-a-Week Trash Collection

The county switched to one trash pickup per week on June 4. Are you recycling more?


Anne Arundel County switched to a schedule with on June 4.

According to a brochure (see attached PDF) produced by the county, here is the reasoning behind the change:

More and more residents are recycling 50% of everything they throw away and are now successfully using only one of their two weekly trash collection days for their disposal needs.

In the past, readers—especially those without garages— about where they would keep their items until collection day.

"I have no garage in which to keep a recycle bin," wrote Carol Barton in a comment on Patch. "Maybe I should put it in my living room?"

Other readers thought the move made sense.

"Recycling is a great cause, I don't see what all the complaining is about," wrote Andrea in a comment on Patch. "Put out your yellow bins, it's simple!"

For more information about the county's services, visit www.recyclemoreoften.com or call 410-222-6100.

Patch wants to know: Are you recycling more now? Vote in the poll below. Leave a comment to let us know generally how the pickup is going.

Carol B July 04, 2012 at 04:46 PM
Carol V, it's not what you purchase that breeds maggots (fly larvae)--it's the flies, laying eggs in what you discard, which is why you don't have a similar problem in winter. It's almost impossible to keep them out of the trash bin when you're trying to add to it if there's anything attractive to them already inside--and wobetide you if you close the lid while any are still in there. Dana, all I can suggest is that you tie the crab waste up securely in smaller bags before you put it into the trash can. That won't drive the flies away, but it will give them fewer congenial places to deposit their eggs. And of course try to minimize the amount of time that they have access altogether.
Carol V July 05, 2012 at 02:38 AM
rash, garbage, refuse, rubbish, junk, waste, debris, scrap are all things that have been acquired that are no longer wanted. Therefore, maybe it would be a good idea to reassess what is being acquired in the first place before it needs to be carted away. In other words, less is best. Waste not, want not. Regarding the crab waste, have crabs on Wednesday.
Dena July 05, 2012 at 10:06 PM
You can't crab on Wed :( and we have crabs more than one day a week in addition to fish and other seafood. We are big seafood eaters ESPECIALLY in the summertime. What do we do with all the crab shells, fish bones, clam & oyster shells, etc. They stink! Anne arundel co of all places should have trash pick up 2 times a weeks since it has so much water and so many seafood eaters!!
Carol B July 05, 2012 at 10:25 PM
Dena, the only thing I can suggest until the county hears our overwhelming disapproval of their "cost saving" action is to do what (believe it or not) the farmers on Long Island used to do with lobsters--shell and all. Use the crab shells and clam shells and so on for fertilizer--bury them in your garden. In the meantime, perhaps we ought to organize demonstration for Mr. Leopold, with the help of anyone who has a flatbed truck--and some Monday or Tuesday morning, deposit our stinking, rotting, maggotty mess on the doorstep of his office. Maybe then he'll hear us! (BTW folks, I thought it was hilarious that tonight at 5:00 PM--six hours shy of one week into the derecho disaster--our oh, so thoughtful county exec called to tell us how to avoid heat-stroke!!!!! Is he kidding--or what????
Suzanne July 15, 2012 at 02:34 AM
This once a week schedule is not causing me to recycle more. We already recycle as much as we can. I think the whole mess in the power outage should have kicked AA County to institute another pick up at the very least during that week. I'm sure there were tons of trash cans with rotting meat from thawed freezers. I would imagine the workers would have a LOT to complain about with the additional load as well as the stench and disgusting nature of what they are collecting after sitting around all week! It is just not sanitary to let things sit around for a whole week. AA County has a wonderfully easy recycling process for it's residents, however, because things do not have to be emptied or washed out before they are recycled, the recycling attracts just as many ants and flies and smells somewhat similar to the garbage. It's just all plain nasty and I really just want the recycling and trash as far away from my house as possible so I am not inviting smells and insects. Animal waste is a whole other story...no place for that item in the "recycle more..." plan and it still has to be disposed of. Animals go just as much whether you pick it up once a week or twice a week! I totally disagree with going to once a week pick up. I think pick up for both recycling and garbage should be twice a week, Monday and Friday!


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