Girlfriend Charged with Planning Murder of Witness in Case Involving Annapolis Mayor's Cousin

A woman has been arrested on criminal charges for allegedly trying to kidnap and kill a witness against her boyfriend, Savvas Pantelides.

Stacie Roberts. Photo Credit: Anne Arundel County Police Department
Stacie Roberts. Photo Credit: Anne Arundel County Police Department
An Annapolis woman was arrested for allegedly planning to kidnap and kill the primary witness in a criminal case against her boyfriend, Savvas Pantelides, a cousin of Annapolis’ mayor.

Stacie Roberts, 33,  was arrested May 5 for planning a kidnapping and homicide so the main witness against her boyfriend, Savvas Pantelides, wouldn’t be able to appear in court against him.

Savvas Pantelides is in jail facing 17 criminal charges, including attempted first-degree murder, in the January shooting of a Harwood man. The criminal counts relate to an armed robbery of Brett Shumaker, 32, of Harwood. The charges include attempted first-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder, armed robbery and first-degree assault.

Savvas Pantelides is the son of Andre Pantelides, a member of Mayor Mike Pantelides’ campaign team and the mayor’s uncle. The younger Pantelides sometimes appeared at campaign events when Mike Pantelides ran for mayor.

The Anne Arundel County Police Department said it received tips within the last two weeks that Roberts had been asking about a possible kidnapping and homicide of the primary witness against her boyfriend.

A detective, posing as an outlaw motorcycle gang associate, met with Roberts on May 5 to discuss what she wanted done. Roberts insisted on several occasions that she didn’t want the victim to appear in court, police said.

Roberts had given the victim’s name, description and address to the detective with $1,600 in cash and prescription pills. Police said the payment was in exchange for having the victim killed.

Roberts was arrested shortly after the meeting with the undercover officer.

“Our primary consideration in this case was the protection of the victim and state’s witness,” said Anne Arundel County Police Chief Kevin Davis. “Her plot was an assault against our nation’s criminal justice system and we are its defenders.”

Roberts is facing charges of obstruction of justice, induce/inhibit testimony, and induce/inhibit testimony felony offense.


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