Animal Control Searching for Owners of 'Bait Dog'

Animal Control picked up a severely injured pit bull in Linthicum Feb. 2 and determined he was used to train other dogs to fight.

Anne Arundel County Animal Control officials are looking for the owners of a severely injured pit bull that officers believe was used as a "bait dog" to train other dogs to fight.

According to a police press release, animal control responded on Feb. 2 to the 600 block of Andover Road in Linthicum after a resident reported seeing an injured pit bull. Officers took the dog, who is now named "Rocky Road," back to the shelter and noticed he was in severe pain and had difficulty moving around.

After considering the possibility of euthanizing the dog to end his suffering, animal control officials contacted Waugh Chapel Animal Hospital in Gambrills. Doctors there offered to treat the dog for free, according to the release.

Investigation by Animal Control and staff at the animal hospital confirmed that Rocky Road had been used as a "bait dog" to train other dogs to fight, according to the release. Police and animal control are investigating how Rocky Road was injured and who is responsible.

The dog underwent surgery on Feb. 3 and is in stable condition, according to the release. Rocky Road is expected to stay in veterinary care for a few weeks until he is ready to be transferred to the Columbia-based nonprofit rescue group Tara's House where he hopefully can one day be adopted, according to the release.

Additionally, animal control is asking area veterinary hospitals that are able to donate services or offer them at a reduced cost for instances like the one with Rocky Road where the shelter was unable to provide the necessary care.

Anyone interested in helping is asked to contact animal control at 410-222-8900.

Sharon Applegarth Simmons-Keller February 10, 2012 at 12:38 PM
This dog may not have been used be used as a "bait dog" by the owners. It is possible the original owners did not abuse this beautiful pitbull. Bait dogs are sometimes "strays", lost, or stolen dogs, it does not matter what size or breed they are. Please lock your gates. Dogs are stolen from yards, it is big business! The Anne Arundel County Lost and Found Pet website recently, there were two white bull dogs that came up missing. One lost and posted within the last week. The other a "rescue pit bull" lost by the new owners in GB about a month ago. This dog still had the leash attached to his collar when he ran. Has either dog has been found? I hope so. Waugh Chapel Veterniary Hospital should check this website and contact these two bull dog owners. A grateful thank you to AA Co Animal Control and Waugh Chapel Veterinary for helping this horribly abused dog. Just a bit of info as example- Recently a tractor trailer was stopped by a State Trooper in Tennessee. It was loaded with approx. 130 dogs, crammed in cages. They had been there for days with no food or water. Where did these dogs come from, where were they being taken, and for what purpose? This is being investigated by the American Humane Association in DC.. Some of these dogs had microchips. Were they strays or someone's beloved lost or stolen pet? Thank you Fed Ex who flew all the dogs, no charge, to a rescue group in Florida. There, the adoptable ones will be found a loving home. Keep an eye on your dogs. Thanks!
Michele Lee Daffron February 10, 2012 at 12:50 PM
Thank you Ms. Sharon Applegarth Simmons-Keller for the information you provided to me and others about the Anne Arundel County Lost & Found Pet Website. You have a very valid point on this particular dog. He may have been a stray. But he also may have been someone elses pet. I hope if this precious dog "Rocky Road" was a pet that was stolen or went stray for some reason hopefully he finds his way back to his owners and I pray the owners are not the people that put him through this torture. It is a sick thing to do and I pray that the jerks are found. I would love to maybe adopt Rocky Road if possible and I will definitely look into this. Take Care~ Michele
ROGER GREENE February 10, 2012 at 06:05 PM
Tommy Warshaw III February 10, 2012 at 06:28 PM
Because of situations, like those Sharon discussed, I won't leave my pit mix outside in the backyard to play for long periods of time by herself. I'm glad to see that Rocky Road is recovering and I hope that he's able to find his forever home soon.
Susan Kim February 10, 2012 at 06:59 PM
Rocky is in good hands with Dr. Andersen. http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2012/02/08/animal-control-pit-bull-rescued-in-linthicum-used-as-bait-for-dog-fighting/


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