Sharing Community Resources Helps Children Learn

The value of sharing resources and space in Severna Park is a learning tool for the young and helps to raise good citizens.

 As soon as we are in relationship with either a sibling or a friend, we are taught to share.  We tell our children that it is kind and an act of friendship to offer others some of what we have, and to not be selfish.  This is often a hard lesson to learn; and even more difficult when we attempt to teach them that sharing should include strangers as well as friends or family members.

 Children learn best when they can observe their parents and other adults “practicing what they preach.”  In Severna Park there are many opportunities for us to share resources with each other and the more we do so with a sense of hospitality, the more we build community and teach that lesson on sharing.

 Recently the Tyler Heights Elementary School from Annapolis came to to remember and celebrate the life of their former principal,.  The church shared their facility while parishioners and community members supported them through volunteer efforts and by their presence.  The pastor from Casa de Benediciones, an Hispanic congregation in Severna Park, came with his wife, Maria, and daughter, Kathy, and assisted in the facilitation of this service of closure for the children and their parents.

 Severna Park High School shares their athletic field with the Green Hornets.  Severn School has allowed use of their gymnasium for adolescent programs, and the Severna Park Community Center offers after-school care and programming for SP Middle School students.  (SPAN) is housed in a facility behind Our Shepherd Lutheran Church. 

These are just some of the visible acts of sharing in our midst.  We only need to look at the Patch calendar to find many invitations for public events and opportunities to interface with unmet friends in this community.

 Sharing space is obviously much deeper than simply physical property.  It is a mindset that involves an openness to learning and serving.  It involves a willingness to evaluate ones resources and wonder about how they might benefit the larger community.  Severna Park Patch offers just such an opportunity to find out how we can participate.  This column would like to hear about shared resources and their impact on your life in this community.

Editor's Note: Email nreynolds@woodschurch.org or put a comment in on the Patch activity stream on the homepage.


Cody Jolla February 12, 2011 at 12:40 AM
I attended this event and liked very much that our community was helping another community in a time of loss. It reminds us that geographical boundaries do not need to separate us from each other. This not only teaches us that sharing is important but also that not letting our cultural differences get in the way of helping each other is important. Cody
Pam Fusting February 14, 2011 at 09:50 PM
So true that this wonderful community of Severna Park provides many current (and potential) opportunities for resource sharing! I can’t help but think about the many local businesses which share and donate goods to various community groups, open parking lot space for community events, and allow community information to be posted in windows or on check-out counters. How blessed we are to live in a community where so many visible acts of sharing not only provide valuable lessons for our children, but in fact enable us to experience a richer life - in every sense of the word. Pam F
Sarah Hope February 15, 2011 at 02:44 AM
Sharing is a learned behavior. If you want your children to learn to share, you have to do more than choose the right kindergarten, have effective play-dates, read stories about sharing, or watch Dora's latest sharing video. I do think that Severna Park is a community with outreach AND I think it could do more. It's easy to share a crayon. Particularly if it's someone you sit next too at a little table who eats the same graham crackers you do. I'd be curious to know more about what motivates people in SP to do the community sharing that they do...I'd be even more curious to know how far it reaches...and to what groups of people... I love when people bring kids to these events. It strikes me as one of the most basic and yet effective ways of teaching children something about truly living. The biggest lesson is that we're not in it for ourselves.
Nancy Lincoln Reynolds February 15, 2011 at 03:16 AM
You are so right, Pam. The local community businesses do share their resources on a regular basis in support of service and outreach. Thanks for reminding us of that significant contribution to building life in Severna Park.
Nancy Lincoln Reynolds February 15, 2011 at 03:22 AM
Good question! What does motivate people to share? Some would say they do it because it is just the "right" thing to do while others might claim they are treating others the way they would want to be treated (the Golden Rule applied). Some people are just naturally altruistic while others have had to work at it. Sharing of talents and possessions has been a means of survival for many reinforcing the idea that the "whole" is greater than any individual part.


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