A Pedaphile's Dream

  In today's news I read about an eight, (8), year old girl, in Yemen, who was recently married to a forty, (40) year old man.

  While consumating the marriage, the girl's uterus was ruptured and she bled to death. A western journalist was threatened by local clergy not to cover the story. Yet, two brave souls from the town brought the incident to light. Islam seems to be a pedaphile's dream scenario.

  How can Islam demand to be taken seriously when little children can be legally married to adults? In a civilized society such a, "man", would be jailed for murder, and more; so would the parents of the little girl. But, why ask why when women are worth less than a camel in Islamic culture?

  In Yemen, under Sharia Law, the girl's family will probably feel ashamed and appologize to the recently widowed "man" because his child bride died in the middle of sexual intercourse. (just a guess not really sure) Yet I do know that this behavior isn't new to Islam.

  Mohammed, the Prophet of Islam, married an infant which turned out to be his favorite wife, Aiesha. Apparently she survived her wedding night.           

   While Christianity and Judaism have their ugly sides, I can think of nothing more vile than the sexploitation of children and a major religion cloaking this abomination in rightiousness.

  I know this is not politically correct as I am not bashing Christianity but the last time I looked neither Christianity or Judaism sanctified such unions. What is just as scary and nefarious is that Muslims want Sharia laws to be recognized here in America.

  Muslims are clamoring to have Sharia Law become a part of the United States Legal Code. A few years ago Muslims sued in Oklahoma to have it become a part of the state's legal code. Thankfully, they failed. Yet the incidious threat remains. I don't know how others feel about Sharia becoming a part of the law of our land, but I bet child molesters everywhere will be happy to convert.

If Islam really wants to be considered more than just a violent band of psychopaths maybe they should start by banning under age marriages to pediphiles, and banish child molesters to the vast deserts of the Arabian Penninsula.


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LevelheadedOne September 12, 2013 at 08:18 AM
In Michigan where 29% of the population is muslim, the Department of Human Services offers phone help in English, Spanish and ARABIC. They have forms and translators for ARABIC now. Your tax dollars hard at work helping the muslims take over the US. When I read this I didn't believe them so I called them- it's true. Your story is horrid, revolting. May they stay in Yemen.
David Arthur Liddle September 12, 2013 at 08:40 AM
Truly a disgusting story. Of course most, if not all religions have their own horror stories. The worst wars ever, have been waged by Christian countries! World War 1 with 20 million dead and WW 2 with 50 million dead, so Christians don't have a lot to boast about either!


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