How Can Severna Park Patch Improve in 2013?

What are some stories you would like to see Severna Park Patch cover in 2013?

As we enter a new year, I would like to know what things you would like to see Severna Park Patch improve on or do more of in 2013.

What local stories would you like see Patch cover? What stories have we done in the past that you would like me to follow-up on?

Severna Park Patch is a site that serves the community. So now is your chance to tell me how I can better serve you with new story ideas, suggestions for improvements or things you would like to see continue into the new year.

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments below and I will do my best to fulfill them. And as always, you can email kaitlyn.carr@patch.com with story ideas and suggestions anytime.

Happy New Year Severna Park!

W. L. January 01, 2013 at 04:09 PM
I would like to see a more improved professional format. (1) I receive patch with loads of advertisements interspersed throughout the articles. I can remove some with Adblock. I would like to see ads in a column on the right side of the page so that all articles flow on the left side uninterrupted. (2)There is also always a big blank in between articles after the words "see more news". This big blank is headed by the words "daily" and under that "newsletter_1". Don't know why these words or this void are always there. Not needed. (3) When I submit something in "Things To Do" form I cannot put a variable price in the cost spot. Also would like to submit something a couple days before the event occurs, so that readers would have time to make plans to go, as opposed to it being posted only on the day of the event. Form does not allow me to do that. (4) Would be nice to see a short blurb on each event of the Things To Do column, rather than just the title. (5) would like you to ban comments attacking each other with name calling. (6) I would like to see more information as to what our state government officials are up to, exposing some of their behind the scenes antics that we should know about. (7) More about groups who are trying to make changes, expose and keep government honest. (8) Unbiased in-depth info on candidates and their track records at election times. (9) Remove reader comments that bash each other's party affiliations.
Amy Leahy January 02, 2013 at 12:40 AM
Quite honestly, to tag on W.L.'s comments about people bashing one another, I too have been disgusted and disillusioned about the amount of negative name-calling and disrespect shown to each other in the comments. I am a blogger on the Severna Park Patch and have been the recipient of many of these comments but I AM NOT ALONE. Reporting on government is important because most people don't have the time to attend hearings and meetings themselves so they rely on the press to keep them informed. Doing it in an unbiased manner is the challenge these days. That includes not censoring what items to write about, as well as how the facts are presented.
SP Resident January 02, 2013 at 02:20 PM
Focus more on mobile. The trend for 2012 and going into 2013 is mobile whether it be social media outlets such as Facebook, Twittter or even news outlets such as this one. Unlike traditional news outlets that clearly differentiated between a writer and audience now with mobile technology more of a focus on contributing exists and less on a passive audience (I.e. this is apparent on Twitter or Facebook as users constantly upload new content in an interactive environment). An emphasis should be on News posted from various outlets quickly and accurately. Consumers dont need to wait to get home to learn of the latest news that happened yesterday from the traditional newspaper, but instead desire it as it happens and unfolds. In order to meet this need, readers should be encouraged to contribute via their cell phone or tablet (pictures and blog posts) of relevant stories happening in the community. Perhaps contributors could gain "credibility score" by consistently posting relevant news stories or photos. The more relevant stories and photos the higher a users "score" would be. As far as the advertisements, this site is a business and businesses need to make money. As along as they do not interfere with utility of the site, no problem. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing the transformation of the site.
Mom3SP January 04, 2013 at 01:37 AM
I would like to see a more clearly established sense of Patch's identity. Is Patch your friendly neighborhood bulletin board with sweet stories of kids' accomplishments, residents' need for help, concerning stories of local crime? Or, is it an outlet for political posturing and position-bashing? Can you restrict the format to just SP-related info? That is, why not have a Political Patch with a link on the neighborhood page for anyone who wants to step on a soapbox or insult other people? I love the idea of a neighborhood bulletin board, and I know Ms. Carr has posted many interesting and useful items in that direction (I liked the cow investigation and the kids' profiles), which, in my opinion, are reduced when you see the sliding bar of sarcasm and vitriol smack in the middle of the page. How can you share Patch with your kids when there are anti-models of adult conversations in prominent view? As for kids' info, such as Honor Rolls, sports successes, and athlete profiles, I hope you can do something about preserving the privacy and safety of our kids. You'd be surprised where some of the Honor Rolls turn up in ugly and foreign web-harvesters, and I worry that some of the warnings they give to our kids about chat and gaming security are thrown out the window if some creep is surfing for the pix of beautiful kids.


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