BGE, Who Turned Out the Lights?

Baltimore Gas and Electric Company spokeswoman Rachael Lighty explains delayed power outages days after Tropical Storm Irene.

Did you notice Sunday following Tropical Storm Irene the power was on along Crain Highway? Businesses at the Village at Waugh Chapel were open hours after the storm tore through Crofton. But Monday the village and neighboring streets became a ghost town.

Who turned out the lights?

Baltimore Gas and Electric Company spokeswoman Rachael Lighty explains these power outages with Crofton Patch in this video report.

Valerie Avedon Gardiner August 31, 2011 at 07:50 PM
Waited 5 hrs with a firefighting crew in Cape St. Claire Monday -- the line in front of my Mom's home was on fire. They had to let it burn as BGE crews never arrived to work to be sure the lines weren't live so that no human harm was done. FInally disgusted by a lack of response, they dangerously took a truck and rolled it under the lines, stood on the roof and sprayed the lines out with CO2. Two days later, the lines are still UNTOUCHED by tree crews or by BGE and the entire area (street?) is without power. My Mom is 82. It is hard to fathom they haven't gotten to this issue YET. THis nighmare continues for many. I also noticed that all the schools still closed due to the storm this morning seemed to be in the not-so- well-to-do neighborhoods. Did BGE think THAT would go unnoticed. For shame!


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