Breakfast Shoppe Fundraiser Inspires Monster Sandwich

The local restaurant is challenging people to eat the sandwich in under 40 minutes and proceeds will benefit an Elkridge girl.

The Breakfast Shoppe is challenging customers to take on a super sandwich for a charitable cause.

The local restaurant is teaming up with WBAL-TV meteorologist Tony Pann on Oct. 22 in presenting “The Category 3 TONY Chicken and Waffle 'PANN'wic," according to Breakfast Shoppe Owner Kyle Algaze.

This effort is part of The Breakfast Shoppe’s annual fundraising drive with proceeds from this year’s gigantic sandwich  benefitting Ava Claire Conklin of Elkridge, who was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumor last year.

“I was on their show on Sept. 2 and I had mentioned off the air to the staff I was working on a chicken waffle sandwich and Tony mentioned he would love to try it,” Algaze said. “I told him if he came and tried the sandwich I would name it after him. One thing led to another and we decided we could help and do something good by creating this whole big man versus food challenge and name it after Tony Pann.”

Upon entering the hospital, 9-year-old Ava acquired meningitis and had a series of strokes while she was in a coma. One year later, she is out of the hospital and attending school, but she has not regained the ability to walk or talk yet. Funds from The Breakfast Shoppe’s event will benefit Ava and her family.

“Each year, we pick a fundraiser recipient, and my wife said, ‘How about Ava?’ We know her father through business connections,” Algaze said. “Afterwards, she had to go see a bunch of specialists. She just got home about five months ago and is back in regular school but can’t walk or talk. She has a good prognosis, and we just want to help with medical costs and rehab.”

Algaze said that when Ava’s family is finished with medical equipment, such as wheelchairs, they donate them to other organizations in need.

Beginning Oct. 22, customers can purchase the sandwich for a minimum donation of $35 to Ava and her family. If the customer consumes the masterpiece in under 40 minutes, The Breakfast Shoppe will match the $35 donation.

According to Algaze "The Category 3 TONY Chicken and Waffle 'PANN'wic,” is six pieces of hand battered chicken breast, eight pieces of smoked bacon, six pieces of pepper jack cheese, all layered between two bacon Belgian waffles and topped with scratch-made gravy.

“The bacon is sprinkled inside the waffle,” Algaze said.

Those who are able to consume the sandwich will also have their name engraved on a brick and displayed on the restaurant’s brick wall for no extra charge.

The whole fundraiser will kick off on Oct. 22 beginning at 5:45 a.m. live on WBAL-TV's morning show and it will run until the end of the year.

Algaze said Split Ends Salon will be doing Ava’s hair and nails in preparation for the event.

“It is going to be a special day for a great cause,” Algaze said. “We are extremely honored to have Tony Pann and WBAL-TV associated with this event.”

Leigh A. October 22, 2012 at 02:23 PM
Creating an unhealthy sandwich as a fundraiser for an ill child seems irresponsible.
Sweet T's October 23, 2012 at 12:13 AM
Yes it does seem irresponsible! Brings out the crazies - all for the love of a challenge and to help Ava - who is going thru a challenging time. There was also a running event called Ava's Angels. We also sponsored a Spaghetti for Ava here in her other home town of Cary NC. We will cheer anyone on!! WOOP WOOP Ava and ALL that are willing to help her out in her fight!! Or... just donate to a beautiful child and her amazing, amazing family. They are truely special - before this event in their lives and after. How Do they keep the smiles going? They have all got to be exhausted. All our love Ava!!! Keep up your fight everyday. Ava goes from school to therapy. It's a hard, hard fight that her parents fight back to keep it a positive time. Keeping her encouraged, and happy despite all she cannot do. And Ava is aware of ALL she cannot do. Heart Breaking!! Thank you each and every one of you for all your support and all your prayers as well - as we all pray for a full recovery for Our Ava Claire. XXOO


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