Big Bean Hosts Oscar Competition

All ballot entries are due to The Big Bean by 1 p.m. on Sunday.

Think you know who is going to win big in this year’s Academy Awards?

The Big Bean is putting your film knowledge to the test in its annual contest. The local coffee shop is asking you to fill out a ballot with your projected Oscar winners. The entry that has the highest number of correct guesses will win a $30 gift card to The Big Bean.

“It’s just a fun thing we do every year,” said Big Bean owner Deb Hoffman. “Since February is a long, cold and boring month it is fun to have something different like the contest here.”

While Hoffman herself wasn’t sure who some of the winners would be, she did say they were a bit biased in hoping Argo takes home the award for best picture.

The political-thriller hits home for Severna Park. Lee Schatz, an area resident for 22 years, was one of six American diplomats hiding in the homes of Canadian diplomats in Tehran after fleeing the embassy as it was occupied by Iran.

The Big Bean honored Schatz earlier this year with his own coffee flavor called "Ben's Blend," named after Ben Affleck, who stars in the film that tells Schatz' story.

“It’s exciting that we have a little local spin here with Argo,” Hoffman said. “It’s fun to play that up and celebrate our local celebrity.”

You can pick up a ballot at The Big Bean or print off your own online. All entries are due to The Big Bean by 1 p.m. on Sunday. A winner will be announced by Tuesday, Hoffman said.


To read more about Schatz’s story, click here.


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