Big Bean Announces Oscar Winners

The two customers who guessed the highest number of correct Academy Awards winners received gift certificates.

The winners of the Academy Awards may have all been announced last night, but The Big Bean has one more announcement to make—the winners of its Oscar competition.

Last week, the coffee shop asked customers to cast ballots picking who they thought would win each Oscar. On Monday morning, owner Deb Hoffman announced the winners.

"We have two contestants who tied," Hoffman said. "The winners are Annalise Dietz and Jake Binstock, congratulations to both of them."

Both of the winners received $30 gift cards to The Big Bean.

The Severna Park area has reason to celebrate the winner for best picture—the film Argo took home the honor.

The political thriller hits very close to home for 22-year Severna Park resident Lee Schatz, who was one of the six American diplomats hiding for his life during the 1979 Iranian crisis as depicted in Argo.

In October, Schatz spoke with Patch about Argo and said he thought the movie was very well done. He said Argo depicted the complicated relationship between the U.S. and Iran in a way that was informative and suspenseful.

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