With Spring Break Nearing Whats a Working Mom To Do?

Many moms have to work during spring break, making it difficult to find good child care and activities. Share your ideas with Patch.

Many people take trips or visit family during spring break, but there are a lot of working moms who are self-employed or simply have to work.

So what do you do with the kids if you don't have nearby family or friends to rely on?

Please share with us what has worked for you when school is out and you have to work.

Stacey Cassidy April 13, 2011 at 08:17 PM
As a local business owner, full time worker, mother of 3 I find there are so many challenges when it comes to schools having off for holidays, report cards, spring break...what does everyone else do? I have 2 year old twins in daycare so I have to send my 1st grader there on school days off. Spring break coming up with a full week off school I am having to send her there for a full week. Most the time I think she enjoys it because its just recreational play but if I could I would love to find other working moms and maybe have just one day we all rotate and take a day so the kids can play (and we dont have to pay for). Any other working moms have suggestions??? Stacey
Maribel Ibrahim April 14, 2011 at 08:12 PM
Stacey, I can definitely sympathize with your predicament. SPRFC has a wonderful Spring Break Camp Offering for school age kids. The cost is very competitive and you do not have to be a member of the gym to sign up. Also, you can elect to just do a few days instead of the whole week. They may have filled up already, but it's worth checking out here: http://sprfc.com/2011springcampflyer.pdf Another option that I was involved with one summer was a homemade MOMS Club camp. A group of nine moms got together and planned a week's worth of activities. We were all stay at home moms, so our "week" was actually days sprinkled throughout the summer. Two or three moms would be camp counselors and watch the kids and the other moms dropped off their kids at one moms' house. It was hard work, but when you had the free days, it was so worth it. We also found that if the "counselors" had crafts, snacks and outdoor activities planned the day went fairly smoothly, even though the kids were mostly content to play with each other. We did it two summers in a row and it was a really creative way for us to get a break from the kids in the summer without having to sign them up for an expensive camp. We even did an indoor camp during the winter. It was more challenging, but at least the moms got a break and the kids got to do something fun on the cheap. This would allow you to take 1-2 vacation days in a week and still be able to work most other days.
Jennifer Holden April 14, 2011 at 11:45 PM
When I lived in Baltimore I used to do a similar babysitting co-op with other moms. Every week, half the moms would babysit and half would get a free half-day (the kids were little and that was all we could picture managing :). I think it's a great idea -- you get to catch up with other moms while you are the "camp counselor" or babysitter and in return you get some free time. This makes me wonder though -- what do (part-time OR full-time) working parents do over the summer?


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