What’s With the Plastic Cows on Route 2?

Have you ever wondered why there are plastic cows on Ritchie Highway?

While driving up Ritchie Highway it is common to pass businesses, other cars and people. What isn’t so common are the plastic cows on the side of the road.

Since I took over as editor of Severna Park Patch, every time I drive up Route 2 I wonder why those cows are in front of the Shell Station—so I finally decided to find out.

I went into the Shell and asked the owner, who told me to call the number on the sign that hangs around the cow.

The number led me to Tom Eiring, a Severna Park native, who is trying to sell his mother’s home in Arnold. The cows were simply a way to attract attention.

“The idea came from a friend of ours,” Eiring said. “Then I approached the fellow who owns the Shell and asked him if I could put them and the sign up and he said yes.”

For anyone interested in information on the home Eiring is selling, it is located at 410 Beach Rd. in Arnold.

“My mother is 88 and I have been looking after her for a while now and we decided to sell her home so she could move closer to her friends in Severna Park,” Eiring said. “The home is really a beautiful location.”

For more information on the Arnold home call 443-223-7448.

HB415 November 29, 2012 at 09:02 PM
I don't understand. The number on the sign has nothing to do with the cows? You can pay to use the cows as advertising? what is the point of this article


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