This Escape is a Slam Dunk

Some of the best basketball action of the year will be held right here on the East Coast as first and second rounds of the NCAA Tournament are played within an hour of Severna Park.

 Are you jonesing for basketball now that Jr.’s Green Hornet’s season is over? Want to relive your days in the backcourt? Round up a pal or two and get in the mood to whoop and holler for a top college team March 17 and March 19.

Just when you thought basketball was done, finito for all of us…what did they go and do? They brought March Madness within our grasp. Yes, folks, just up the road in the Nation’s Capital at the Verizon Center, for the fourth time in the arena’s history, the tournament has arrived and it’s time to make that  “great escape” up Rt. 50 to the Metrorail or follow NY Avenue into DC.

What’s in store for Men’s Division I Basketball fans? Probably a nail-biter or two and if you are up for hitting Stub Hub (www.stubhub.com) or Ticketmaster (check ours out at in Severna Park), you’d better do it quickly.

With teams like Connecticut, Pittsburgh, Missouri and Old Dominion in the first few rounds, this is going to be some good b-ball. Ticket prices range from $40 to well over $170 and are still available for the games that started on St. Patty’s Day and continue Saturday until late at night.

The metro has announced it will stay open until 1 a.m. for the games and it is recommended as the best method of transport – parking can be tough in the area; prices are very high and get jacked up even higher for games like these in the Verizon Center area.

The center is located at 601 F Street, NW, Washington, DC. Call 202-628-3200 or go to www.verizoncenter.com for directions and information.

This is your chance to see the college big boys hit the hardwood and drill three-pointers– don’t miss it!


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