SPY Swimmer Set To Compete at Junior National Meet

David Harmon, a Severna Park resident, qualified for the Winter Junior National Championship held in Tennessee.

The morning after the YMCA Swimming Nationals, SPY swimmer David Harmon looked up the qualifying national times on his phone so that he would know what to shoot for next year. Little did he know, his time qualified for the Winter Junior National Championship.

“The morning after finals I woke up early and was looking at the cut times on my phone as motivation for next time,” Harmon said. “I was looking at the times and was like ‘wait I got that one. And I got the bonus cut from the day before—I qualified.’”

Harmon was so excited he had to share the news with his roommate, despite the early hour.

“I woke up my roommate and was like, ‘Sam I just made Junior Nationals.’ He was like 'good for you I am going back to bed,'” Harmon laughed.

Harmon, a senior at Spalding, will swim in the Winter Junior National Championship in December at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. He will compete in the 100-meter butterfly, 200-meter butterfly, 500-meter freestyle.

The 17-year-old has been swimming competitively for about eight years and says he just really likes the challenge of being the only one responsible for his success when it comes to a meet.

“I used to play lacrosse and it was kind of like if the team did bad, one person was blamed with entire weight of the team,” Harmon said. “Swimming is not like that. When you see your name as first place and record holder—it is your name and not the team name. So it is kind of a different recognition than team sports.”

Next fall, Harmom will swim at Dartmouth College and he said it was the guys on the team that convinced him to choose the school.

“I have been up there a few times and I love the team,” he said. “They are just great guys.”

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