Readers Sound Off: Worst Severna Park Intersections

Are there certain intersections around town you try and avoid?

The intersection at Route 2 and Robinson Road can be tough to navigate. (Credit: Kaitlyn Carr)
The intersection at Route 2 and Robinson Road can be tough to navigate. (Credit: Kaitlyn Carr)
A few weeks ago, Severna Park Patch asked readers to weigh-in on what they felt were the worst intersections around town.

Area residents sounded off on certain areas around Severna Park that they find tough to navigate. One of the most difficult areas for travelers appears to be Evergreen Road and Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard—near Severn School. The high traffic, both in cars and on foot, creates quite the hazardous intersection.

Here's a look at what other people had to say:

Christine Joyce: The intersection of Ritchie and Robinson/ Leelyn is not only tricky it seems to be the one that most break the rules. 

Donna Stolarczyk: I ditto Christine Joyce. Robinson is terrible. I will add that trying to make a left onto 648 north from Berrywood community or from Asbury Rd is impossible and very dangerous

Bob Coopersmith: The most dangerous is clearly Benfield Blvd. and Veterans Hwy. People in a hurry, and most seem to be, don't want to stop for the four way light

E: In terms of danger and accidents and utter craziness is the turn on Evergreen from B/A Blvd near the Severn School. One turns onto Evergreen and there are runners and bikers whizzing by, people needing to turn left onto Old County Road...or if you're on Evergreen needing to God Forbid turn LEFT onto B/A Blvd, forget it.

ER: Traffic will always be traffic, intersections may be improved but seriously folks look at your driving habits. 

Betsy: Once the Chick Fil A opens, the Robinson/Route 2/Leelyn intersection which can get really backed up at times will only get worse.

To see more on what your neighbors had to say on local intersections—or to join in on the conversation—click here.


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