Football Fanatic Jeffrey Hagan of Severna Park

Meet a math prodigy that has an interesting knack for football scores

Nominated By:  Cindy Hagan

Whiz Kid's Name: Jeffrey Hagan

Whiz Kid’s Age: 7

Whiz Kid's School: Oak Hill Elementary School

Whiz Kid's Accomplishment: Jeffrey has been able to memorize & recite football scores and standings from the 2010-11 Pro Football season.

Whiz Kid's Key to Awesomeness:  Mom Cindy Hagan was amazed when Jeffrey could recite scores from the previous night’s football game.  Not limited to just the Baltimore Ravens, Jeffrey became interested in the scores for all major NFL football teams.

Jeffrey was so interested in the scores that he would check his mom’s phone for results the next day.  Hagan’s memorization skills have come in handy in school.  This future statistician recently completed the Advanced & Talented Math Program for second graders at Oak Hill.  In addition to football, Jeffrey loves swimming and baseball.

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