Big Vanilla Gathering Donations for Troops Overseas

Check the list below for items that you can donate for our troops serving overseas.

The Big Vanilla Athletic Club has organized a series of donation drop points across the Broadneck peninsula to gather needed items for troops.

Marketing Director Donna Sage said the idea started when she heard about a mother in Severna Park who sent her son, who was serving in Afghanistan, a care package that was later prized by his fellow troops. 

"He told her he has 200 people in his battalion, and very few were getting packages like these. So, she took it on herself to start sending care packages," Sage said. "So, I read about that and thought we could help out, too."

The care packages are sent to Second Battalion (Airborne) 503rd Infantry "The Rock."

This is the second  year the athletic club has organized the donation drive, and last year was a big success, Sage said. This year is proving no different.

"Pasadena's box has been filled up twice already this week. It's doing very well," she said.

Word spread about the donations, and soon others were requesting their own donation boxes. Officials at Windsor Farm Elementary School in Arnold asked for one last week, Sage said.

Recommended items to be dropped in the care package boxes include:

Personal health and hygiene

  • sunscreen and lip balm
  • Clorox, Lysol wipes
  • facial wipes (travel size)
  • disposable shower towels
  • soft toilet paper
  • deodorant
  • foot and body powder
  • antacids/vitamins
  • Q-tips, cotton balls
  • nail clippers
  • disposable razors
  • heat wraps, Icy Hot patches
  • body wash, sprays, lotions
  • shampoo/conditioner
  • toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss 
  • bath sponges
  • hand sanitizer

Nonperishable food items

  • Gatorade, Propel, powdered drink packs
  • juice boxes and drink pouches
  • flavored instant coffee/teabags
  • cookies, Oreos
  • chips, Pringles
  • cheese curls, puffs
  • sunflower seeds and nuts
  • pepperoni, Slim Jims, beef jerky
  • snack cakes and pies
  • Rice Krispie treats
  • dry cereal
  • microwave popcorn
  • cereal, granola, Power Bars
  • M&Ms, jelly beans
  • dried fruit
  • hard candy, mints, chewing gum
  • Ramen noodles, soup packets

Additional items

  • pillows/blankets 
  • sewing kits
  • brown t-shirts
  • socks (for shoes and boots)
  • air freshener (non-spray)
  • batteries, all sizes
  • long-distance phone cards
  • drink koozies
  • shoelaces (sneakers and boots)
  • ziplock bags
  • microwavable plates, containers
  • CDs/DVDs (music and movies)
  • paperback books, magazines (old or new)
  • disposable cameras
  • foam footballs
  • Frisbees, hackie sacks 
  • playing cards and poker games
  • dice, dominos
  • ink pens, note pads
  • word puzzle books
  • video, board games
  • outdoor games (bolo toss, cornhole, washers)

Financial donations to help with postage costs can be made at any PNC Bank, made payable to "The Rock Donation Fund" with account number 53-3531-2383 in the memo.

For more information, contact Big Vanilla in Pasadena at 410-437-4242 or in Arnold at 410-544-2525.


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